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From Faction Labs, one of the hottest supplement companies on the planet. Comes their super-popular Disorder Energy pre-workout in a can. You know Disorder, you know the energy, you know the power & you know the taste. It's famous across Australia and rightly so. Now you can also have it in a convenient ready to drink (RTD) carbonated can.

What Does Disorder in a Can Do?

Disorders Cans do exactly what the powdered version does. They prep you for a great ride. Some even would say they send you on a momentous pre-workout journey. Disorder Cans do this by boosting energy, focus, feelings of well-being and strength. Ensuring your workout is disorderly intense. Allow you to plough through the reps, delivering only the best results.

Disorder Energy Can Flavours

With some of the best-tasting flavours on the planet, Disorder energy cans shall not disappoint. With a confectionary taste that's truly delicious, you will be addicted and want to try each flavour. What's the best Disorder Energy Can flavour, you decide. Disorders RTD comes in the following great choices:

  • Red Russian - Raspberry
  • Green Haze - Passion Fruit
  • Blue Pearl - Candy Bomb
  • Yellow Fever - Pine Lime
  • Pink Bits - Strawberry & Cream Sprite
  • Orange Firm - Orange Mango

Disorder Energy Can Ingredients

Simple and effective is how we'd describe Disorder Energy RTD can's ingredients. With favourite proven winners including 160mg of Caffeine, added Taurine, Glucuronolactone and B Vitamins. Furthermore, there is zero sugar, that's right absolutely none.

Disorder Energy Can Review

With a great taste and outstanding zero sugar nutrients Disorder carbonated energy cans are a fantastic, convenient pre-workout treat. They shall provide energy, focus, pump and power for your training. So whether you're doing a weights session, HIIT or cardio. Disorder cans are there for you giving the boost to get you at your very best.

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