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You thought you were training at your best? Think again legend, Cluster Bomb will take it you to a whole new level. The importance of supplying your muscles with ready-to-use glycogen fuel cannot be underestimated. This is arguably the most critical and effective tool at maximizing your performance while you train, as well as promoting better recovery from the get go - to allow you to train harder and more frequently every week. Cluster Bomb, a intra-workout and post-workout carbohydrate supplement contains platinum grade 'Cluster Dextrin' - a form of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. Forget the long name though, all you need to know is that Cluster Bomb is very fast energy, that is going to help you train, perform, grow and recover better than ever. 

- Unique formulation of very fast gastric energy - Boosts glycogen stores in muscle for greater output and endurance through a workout - Promotes greater muscle pumps and increased blood flow to muscle - Heightens recovery speed and reduces post-workout soreness

Whether you're training to be the next biggest man, to step on stage, to set a world record marathon time, or just to get through an early morning session with food you won't throw back up - Cluster Bomb should be on your mind. Cluster Bomb is, in short, a supplemented carbohydrate source with extreme digestibility and fast acting power. For you, this means almost immediate energy into your muscles that can be put straight to work in boosting your performance, extending your energy for endurance you didn't even know you were capable of, and replenishment of nutrients your body vitally needs for recovery.

Cluster Bomb is a very scientifically based, innovative form of carbohydrate - much more advanced than a cup of brown rice or a honey sandwich. Cluster Bomb contains Highly Branches Cyclic Dextrin, which processes a very unique and advantageous digestive process. Instead of requiring blood to come to the stomach to help the carbs digest, as with the incredible vast majority of carbohydrate energy sources (like your honey sandwiches), Cluster Bomb doesn't require blood into the stomach, instead passing straight into the blood stream and putting glycogen into the muscle to be used as fuel for energy. Not only does mean Cluster Bomb follows a more streamlined and faster acting process, but this also means your blood flow can remain in the muscle, prioritising your workout performance and muscle pumps.

By increasing you muscular glycogen stores, and therefore the energy your muscles have, Cluster Bomb helps to increase your work capacity. For some, this may be the difference between winning and losing a race. For others, this is the extra edge that helps you give an extra 10% to every single workout, which tallies up to 100% size, strength, power and performance increases over time.

But this is all about the intra-workout functions of Cluster Bomb. Cluster Bomb can most definitely be used as a post-workout supplement too. In this instance, Cluster Bomb helps to replenish your glycogen stores, which facilities improved recovery, reduced post-workout muscle soreness (the horrible 'can't want up the stairs' days) and improved energy reserves for the next workout. Thus, you're back to your greatest sooner, back into training faster, and able to give more to achieving your goals, more often. Cluster Bomb can be combined with a protein source, like Isotope, to achieve the optimal post-workout shake - with unbeatable recovery speed and results.

Can this product be stacked/mixed with Protein powders or BCAAs?
Definitely! Combining with protein post workout to provide your muscles with replenishment is a great idea! Alternatively, combining with BCAAs for an intra-workout drink gives your muscles both optimal fuel to perform and fuel to recover.

Is this product Vegan?
This product is not certified as vegan, and may contain some animal-based products or be produced in a facility that handles animal-based products such as whey protein. Therefore, for those leading a vegan lifestyle, consult alternative options (such as: Vegan Aminos by ATP Science).

Is this product Gluten Free?
This product is manufactured within a facility that produces a mixed product range, and therefore may contain traces of gluten.

Is this product safe for athletes subject to ASADA testing?
We advise not taking this substance if your chosen sport is subject to anti-doping testing. However, the ASADA Supplement Checker tool can be a valuable resource to use for verification.

Is this product safe during pregnancy?
Use of this product is advised against for women during pregnancy without prior consultation with a medical professional.

How to use?
This product is intra-workout, fast-release energy source, and is therefore best taken between sets during a workout.

For best results, mix 1-2 scoops (depending on length and intensity of session, and overall caloric and carbohydrate needs) with 250-400ml of water.

Benefits of Cluster Bomb

  • High-quality carbohydrate blend
  • Inhibits cortisol production
  • Instant and sustained energy release
  • Fuels muscle recovery
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